Sunday, February 2, 2014

Essential Mardi Gras Checklist

Mardi Gras New Orleans Guide!
Only 30 days left before Fat Tuesday!! Parades are starting next week so to help you all get ready here are a few things I have learned from Mardi Gras past.
- Hand wipes and sanitizer- Things get dirty and there is no where to wash your hands!
-  Ice Chest - The parade routes are a lot like tailgating parties!! There is quite a bit of down time between parade krewes  you will see people grilling out eating food you even see people with their own rented port-o-potties!( although I hear there are new City Council rules against that this year)
- Camping Chairs- Like I said you will spend hours on the parade routes and there is downtime between krewes as well as times when the parade stops to catch up with itself or a float breaks down. You will want a place to sit and rest your tired feet and have a drink.
-Bring a Go Cup- NoLa laws permit open containers of alcoholic beverages- as long as they're in a plastic cup (no glass or cans) You can mix a cocktail in your hotel room and carry it with you or mix up a container to keep in your cooler and refill your cups on the parade route!
-Reusable shopping bags- To hold all your Parade throws and Beads. They will be throwing these off the floats and as they empty their throw bags they toss them into the crowd. You will be lucky if you catch some of these b/c they are the best and they zip up. Bring one or two with you just in case.
Alcohol- The alcohol is flowing plenty in The Big Easy and there are a million bars you will want try try signature drinks from (Pat O'Briens Hurricanes, The Sazerac, Tropical Isle HandGrenade). I would also recommend you bring some with for your hotel room and the parade route or to pre-game before hitting Bourbon street!


-Purple, Green, Gold clothing- The official Colors of Mardi Gras!! Whenever you are not in costume wear the official colors of Mardi Gras!

Purple Represents Justice. Green Represents FaithAnd Gold Represents Power.

- Cross body bag- Do not bring your favorite designer purse to Mardi gras! You will be navigating some major crowds, I would also warn do not keep your money or valuables in this bag. Some people prefer not to bring a bag at all, I like to have somewhere to stash a water bottle, rain poncho, chapstick and hand sanitizer so I can keep my hands free for catching beads!

- Rain Boots or waterproof shoes- You will be doing a ton of walking and standing while in New Orleans. As I mentioned it rains almost daily even if only for a few minutes and trust me walking around in wet shoes and socks can be a real bummer! Just a warning not all of the wet stuff on the ground is rain, especially on Bourbon Street. Eww!

- Disposable rain ponchos- Never know when it will start pouring rain in New Orleans, just know that it will happen! I prefer the cheap disposable clear plastic ones( you can still see your outfit!) Just toss a few into your bag and when the rain starts you can put it on. They cost less than a buck each!  I don't usually advocate disposable products, but it is very difficult to refold a wet poncho and I can never get them back into those little pouches they came in!

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