Sunday, December 29, 2013

My new Doxie

The very best thing I got this Christmas! One o f the housekeepers where I work was no longer able to keep this sweet little guy. She had brought him up to work around Halloween and he was so cute I told her if she ever needed to I would take him. The Friday before Christmas she told me that she has to move and cannot take him with her. After talking it over with Rick of course, I told her I would adopt him! He came home with me Monday before Christmas Eve and our first stop was Petsmart. You can see the bag in one of the pictures. I bought him a new collar, leash, ID tag, sweater, nail clippers, and treats! Petsmart just take all my money! HAHA! Luckily my mom had an extra wire kennel, he won't need it to much but I have to Kennel my other Dachshund when we leave her home alone otherwise she flips out and tears up everything! Hopefully he won't have separation anxiety that bad but if I kennel one, I can't leave the other out. Rick and I work nearly opposite shifts so they rarely go in the kennels, maybe a couple of hours twice a week. He has an appointment later this month to be neutered and vaccinated.
The Car Ride Home
Cuddles on Rick's new Chicago Bears blanket
New Skull Sweater

Ruby and Oscar getting to know each other


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What a cutie! You may find that having a new playmate solves the separation anxiety problem. My shih tzu literally chewed and scratched the door frames beyond recognition (even on meds) till I got a second dog. From that day forward, he was calm as could be. I'd come home and find them playing or curled up together asleep. I hope it works out that way for you.

JessicaLea Texas Kitsch said...

Dana, I sure hope so! We have been talking about a companion for Her for awhile now but I've been hesitant because we live in an apartment and I was just sort of waiting for a dog to fall in my lap that really needed us. They are still getting used to each other, the new dog is still very much a puppy at 3 yrs old and my other dog is jealous. LOl Still I think the like each other!